Loading a lot of baggage on a bike and doing without racks was an idea that initially took us a lot of getting used to at Ortlieb. After all, we have been thinking about and working with the duo “bag and rack” for over 30 years and have put a lot of time and thought into developing the optimum fastening system.

Nevertheless, after the initial test runs with early prototypes of our bikepacking series, it was clear to us that “rackless touring” is fun and expands the concept of bike travel. It is thus perfect for Ortlieb. We are now introducing our first bikepacking series:

Handlebar-Pack – The bikepacking handlebar roll

Handlerbar-Pack von ORTLIEB

The handlebar-pack is the heart of our bikepacking series. It is indispensable for everyone who wants to ride off-road regardless of the weather. The Handlebar-Pack ensures that important accessories are always at hand when you are cycling. The watertight roll bag for the handlebar keeps your sleeping bag dry in any weather, for example. The roll closures on each side keep everything in order in the bag, and the contents are accessible at all times.

Spacers and two straps provide secure fastening with different types of handlebars. Furthermore, a plastic bracing inside the handlebar bag and a fastening on the head tube provide the necessary stability. Straps with Velcro fasteners serve as fastening aids.

Compression straps and drawstrings on the outside additionally allow further equipment to be easily stored and attached. The roll bag is already equipped with hooks for attaching the accessory-pack (available as an accessory).

Accessory-Pack – The outer bag for the Handlebar-Pack

Accessory-Pack von ORTLIEB

The watertight accessory-pack serves as an outer bag for the handlebar-pack. Attached to the handlebar-pack with the help of adjustable metal hooks, the accessory-pack is securely mounted at four fastening points. With a 3.5 litre volume, it is ideal for equipment that is frequently used – for example, mobile phones, wallets, maps, or energy bars. The roll enclosure with metal hooks ensures fast access.

With an enclosed strap, the Accessory-Pack also functions as a shoulder bag or fanny pack. As a result of the pre-assembled Velcro straps, the accessory pack can also be fastened as an individual bag on the handlebar.

Seat-Pack – The bikepacking saddlebagSeat-Pack von ORTLIEB

A spacious and watertight saddlebag with roll enclosure, the seat-pack also reliably ensures dry clothing and equipment on every tour. Thanks to the adjustable straps, the volume varies between 8 and 16.5 litres, and an additional valve ensures fast and easy compression. It can be attached to any bike with a fixed saddle post.

On terrain, it guarantees safe transport of equipment, since the Seat-Pack  always remains in the same shape due to its sturdy inner stabilisation. Thanks to elastic drawstrings on the outside, it is possible to quickly store additional equipment at any time. The reinforced material at the saddle contact points also ensures that the seat-pack is always in the right position on the bike. At the same time, the saddlebag also serves as a mudguard.

Frame-Pack – The bikepacking frame bagFrame-Pack von ORTLIEB

The bikepacking frame-pack makes it possible to start well-equipped in your next adventure. Thanks to the watertight zipper and the proven nylon fabric, the contents of the bag stay absolutely dry even under the most adverse conditions. The frame-pack is ideally suited to store above all heavy baggage, such as tools, a cooker, or food supplies, centrally on the bike. This maintains a low centre of gravity and does not diminish the fun on the trail, even when fully loaded. The bag is mounted inside of the frame triangle via extremely adhesive and sturdy Velcro fasteners. The specific positioning of the Velcro straps along the circumference of the bag allows it to be individually adjusted to the conditions of the bike. The
Frame-Pack is available in two sizes with a volume of four and six litres.

Gravel-Pack – Lowrider bag bikepacking Gravel-Pack from ORTLIEB

ORTLIEB‘s Gravel-Pack is a set of lowrider bike panniers for all bikepackers requiring more space for further equipment. The pannier pair with 25 L volume features the QL2.1 mounting system with additional mounting hooks for safe mounting to the carrier, allowing the gravel-grinder, mountain bike or fatbike to ride rough trails. The lightweight abrasion resistant material of the bike packing series combines sturdyness and weight reduction.
Mounting to the lowrider ensures an extremely low center of gravity on the bicycle despite a lot of luggage. This will allow you to bring along some „luxurious“ extras. The roll closure of the waterproof panniers ensures that your gear stays dry even under tough conditions. The Gravel-Pack is PVC-free and made in Germany.

Cockpit-Pack – Quick access bag bikepacking

The Cockpit-Pack is ideal for quickly accessing a snack or your mobile phone during cycling. The super light weight waterproof bag (82g/2.9 oz.) is fixed by means of strong Velcros on the top tube and head or seat tube – both positions are possible. Thanks to the internal stiffeners the bag can be easily openend with one hand, and it also keeps its shape. All contents are immediately visible due to the large opening. The Cockpit-Pack is PVC-free and made in Germany.

Frame-Pack Toptube – Top tube frame pack

The Frame-Pack Toptube is the ideal solution for those who want to bring along a drinking bottle and still wish to store baggage in the frame triangle. The waterproof frame pack is perfect for full suspension mountain bikes with shock absorbers limiting space inside the frame triangle. This bag of ORTLIEB‘s bikepacking collection features a waterproof zipper with IP67 standard keeping gear dry even during river crossings. The Frame-Pack Toptube has a 4 L volume permitting storage of heavy equipment such as tent poles, tools or food in the frame triangle thus keeping the center of gravity low. Stable and strong Velcro closures allow simple and easy mounting of the pack to the top or seat tube of your
bicycle. Frame-Pack Toptube is PVC-free and made in Germany.

Handlebar-Pack S – Compact handlebar roll

The Handlebar-Pack S is a compact handlebar roll (width 400mm/15.7 in.) for your next offroad adventure with the gravel grinder. The waterproof handlebar pack in size S is ideal for all riders with offroad drop bars, race or
cross handle bars with the focus of weight optimization. A two-way roll closure allows easy access to the contents and ensures dry and waterproof transport of your gear. The Handlebar-Pack S makes the weight and load distribution on the bike easy, e.g. sleeping bag and
mattress can be ideally stowed inside the small handlebar pack since they are bulky but lightweight. The pack has a diameter of 170 mm/6.7 in. and offers 9 L/549 cu.in. volume. Its small width provides enought space for your hands – in any position – on the bar.

Seat-Pack M – Compact saddlebag

Seat-Pack M is compact but still quite large, ideal for bikepacking, your next microadventure or the next gravel grinder or MTB trip. With 11 liters/ 671 cu.in. volume the waterproof Seat-Pack M offers enough storage capacity for everything you need to bring along. The pack is fixed to the saddle rails or seat post. A simple strong Velcro is sufficient for fixing it to the seatpost,
only 6 cm/ 2.4 in. mounting height is required; therefore the pack is perfect for small sized bike frames, fullies or bikes with submersible seat post.
A valve and adjustable straps assist in quick and easy compression when packing the bag. A sturdy internal stiffener ensures safe transport of your gear also in offroad use. The reinforced fabric at contact points with the saddle and mountings on the saddle rails keep the Seat-Pack M in the correct position. In addition, the saddlebag acts like a mudguard.

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