Bikepacking combines the fun of riding a lightweight bicycle with the fascination of bike touring. The use of special bag systems keeps the bike agile and capable of riding on all terrains; this lets you leave well-travelled paths and ride over rough terrain during tours. Whether a dirt road, a single trail, or an old service road: bikepacking is pure adventure. And this adventure can often start directly at your doorstep.

As with ultra-light trekking, the equipment is reduced to a minimum. It disappears into bags that are directly fastened to the bike. Bikepackers ride without large racks, which saves weight and makes the bike manageable.

Bikepacking comes from long-distance mountain bike races in the USA, so-called “self-support races”. Because the distances between towns could not be covered in a single day’s stage and external help was not allowed, the racers looked for a way to store their spartan bivouac equipment and provisions on their bikes in a light and safe way without losing all-terrain capability and speed.

Within only a few years, a completely new type of bike touring had developed from these beginnings. Riding with little baggage and off-road opens up whole new possibilities even in densely populated regions of Europe.

Bikepacking means adventure

Bikepacking as a new trend

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